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What are your favorite free technologies for RPA and automation?

I'm fond of Sikuli, Selenium and I've been playing around with Kantu as well.
All seem to do a pretty good job, although Kantu's free plan is quite limited.

Sikuli does pack a punch when it comes to automation using computer vision. On the other hand, Sikuli's text search using OCR is not really reliable.

Selenium does great with web automation, but lacks when it comes to downloads and anything out of the DOM, basically. It still solves almost every need I have with web automation.

What are your thoughts?
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replied by Sachin Laxkar (700 points)
Yeah Selenium gives a good way to automate the web application and the wrapper above this , which is protractor used for end-to-end angular app application automation., But yes the downloading part and scanning of documents or some docs automation , I guess RPA is good...

Well !! We always choose that technology which have the capability to automate almost each and every req. , whether this is for desktop, web or any database, or emails or workplace processes... I guess RPA gives us that capability all together...

This is my personal belief..
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