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UiPath hosted its first Hackathon of 2019 in Bengaluru in May and second hackathon in Delhi NCR in July. Both these events were a resounding success, seeing some brilliant new automation ideas come to life. UiPath  now taking the Automation wave to Pune and the surrounding regions. UiPath invites hackers, creators, makers and coders to solve problems, push the boundaries of existing tech and power up the next generation of software robots.

UiPath is giving away $16,000+ in cash prizes at this event, so apply today for a chance to participate and become an Automation Legend at this Hackathon. UiPath is an equal opportunity employer, welcoming and encouraging diversity at all our events. We therefore plan to have some special awards to recognize women in tech teams.

Register Now - http://bit.ly/PUAPuneHack and participate in this hackathon for lot of learning , networking and lots of fun :-)

There are  three focus area for Hackathon Projects:

Enterprise: Build automation reusable components and projects that accelerate business transformation and expand UiPath Suite capabilities.

Automate for a cause: Help a local NGO to automate a process or build a scalable solution that will drastically improve their operations, or find innovate automation solutions for local and national government agencies.

RPA for Fun: Automation is here to stay. How we, as humans can benefit from it to improve and make easier our day to day lives?

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