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For example, does it make nearshore outsourcing more attractive?
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Another way of asking the question is via a series of more basic questions:

  1. Does RPA remove or reduce labour effort in repeatable processes?
  2. If yes.... Is RPA development and deployment a highly specialised task that requires specialist skills working at scale?
  3. If no.... can clients of outsourcing companies undertake this work themselves all with contractor/advisor help?
If yes then there will be an analysis of cost and risk between outsourcing and reinsourcing with rpa... inevitably there will be some middle ground here as well
The more worrying trend for global outsourced is the move to digitise earlier in the process or nearer the start point of the process. By utilising AI, blockchain, apps etc a lot of these processes are fully automated. Think banking apps and offshore call centres, blockchain and invoice management across supply chains, erp simplification and move to the cloud and elimination of historic bolt on systems that created friction.
Strategically the big outsourcers need to re-invent with the same step change that Microsoft did and at the same speed. 
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I guess so, however, I am still struggling with figuring out how the whole nearshore outsourcing is working) even though I have just read an article about it https://yojji.io/blog/nearshore-outsourcing
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