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posted in Announcements by Israt Mahmud (120 points)
Hello everyone. i am new here.
Currently i am doing masters in web engineering.
We have to make a RPA software solution as our final project.
We found that there are some RPA tools available.
So we are confused that, should we must use RPA tools or we can normally make the system by coding from scratch?
If we code it by ourselves then will it be called as RPA system or not??

It would be great if someone can enlighten us.
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As per your ask , here is my understanding from the background level.
You need to make RPA s/w solution on your final project.
There can be two solutions :
1. If you project comprises on RPA s/w , then you need to create a new tool from scratch.
2. If the project demands RPA solutions, then pick up any of the RPA tool which is available free of cost from the market and train your BOT.

But I believe since there are so many tools available in the market your project criteria should meet training the bot , i.e RPA tool , mimicing any human activity followed by creating the tool from the scratch.
You can even implement AI ,if you want to show it dynamic and vast.
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In opnion, gone are the days when coding was required to achieve automation.

Today there are n number of tools are available which offer sriptless and codeless automation.

This in turns helps you save your time and build your logical sense.

You can try ROBOWORX. It offers scriptless automation and you can avail 30 days free trial for your project completion.

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