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Imagine you’re a human resources employee at a large, global company. The organization is growing rapidly, and talent acquisition is the priority. As an HR representative, your role is to evaluate candidates — vet them, interview them, train them — and to hire the best possible people for the roles your company is filling.

How can RPA help?
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When it comes to talent acquisition and letting candidates know about the open positions in an organisation , it involves downloading bunch of resumes, sending emails to candidates with desired skill sets or entering the candidate details from resume to database via any HR applications. RPA  BOTS are able to help with filling in and processing forms quickly and with minimal error.  Once a information is available in  company’s database, RPA can send emails to candidates about the status of their job application. Also, RPA can filter the candidates from database depending upon the skill sets required for open positions and so on ... Thanks!
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valid points, Dhananjay(DJ).  AI also plays a key intelligent role in the vetting or funneling processes of the candidature.  I opine that RPA empowered with AI which is trained(supervised learning) is the best bet.  For example, AI tools like Oorwin(https://oorwin.com/) with RPA integration look promising.   FYI: Oorwin is one of our partners.
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Learn Why every HR Professional should use RPA in their organization. This blog will help you to know more useful information. read here

Why every HR Professional should use RPA in their organization
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If we look at the definition and use cases of RPA, it automates repititive and mundane activities that are done manually in current.

Automating those processes helps achieving process optimisation, quicker results, employee motivation etc.

There are many such processes in HR ops as well.

RPA can help  HRs to optimize and enhance those processes...making their lives easy..