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A new way of connecting

The RPA software market grew 63.1% last year to $846 million, making it the fastest-growing segment in the enterprise software market. RPA will reach $2.3bn next year and $4.3bn by 2022. The big challenge in the market is the skills shortage keeping up with the demand.

Welcome to RPA Talent - a new platform designed to provide customers direct access to RPA professionals, to invite their projects or jobs.

We encourage RPA professionals to get ratings on former projects, as this allows new customers to find and invite talent based on their accreditations, industry knowledge and experience.

The more ratings you receive, the more invitations you will receive as they provide immediate credibility and trust.

About RPATalent.com

1. We are completely free of charge

2. We are vendor agnostic (>85% of RPA professionals have skills in more than one brand)

3. We cater to both companies and contractors alike

4. We laser focus on RPA, the digital workforce, and the technology ecosystem surrounding RPA

5. We have a simple to use and relevant Rating system that can be used on any past project

6. You can respond to projects and request ratings in (virtual) Teams e.g. OCR and RPA skills combined

7. We will advertise you, your ratings and/or projects on LinkedIn and Twitter etc free of charge until you find what you need.

For any questions or feedback, or to share upcoming events, or company or product news, roadmap etc, post on the forum.